Working With an Estate Planning Lawyer in Bainbridge Island – The Financial Benefits

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November 15, 2018
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Working With an Estate Planning Lawyer in Bainbridge Island – The Financial Benefits

The work of an estate planning attorney involves assisting clients in getting their affairs in order. This may be required due to simple preparation purposes or because of other health factors such as mental disability. Estate planning involves more than simply creating a last will and testament. An estate planning attorney can help create living trusts, mitigate estate taxes, and keep the clients assets protected from creditors after their passing. There will be an expense involved in hiring an estate planning lawyer. Bainbridge Island residents, however, can potentially save a significant amount of money in the future through the services they provide. At Lindsay & Lindsay Attorneys at Law, we provide effective and compassionate estate planning legal representation and services for our clients.

It is beneficial to take proactive approach to estate planning in order to adequately protect your family’s asset over the long term. This can be done as follows:

Reduce Your Estate Taxes

One reason to develop an estate plan is to ensure the taxes to be owed by your beneficiaries are kept as low as possible. An estate planning lawyer can use particular vehicles such as living trust to help reduce or avoid estate taxes altogether.

Protect Your Assets

In the end, there should be no question about your will and your intentions in your will. You don’t want to have the wrong beneficiaries gaining access to some of the estate. Likewise, you want keep your personal assets protected from creditors. Having an estate plan can help insure your loved ones to not have to deal with legal disputes are creditors concerning the will in probate court.

Forgo Probate Court Costs

An estate plan may ensure that your property does not go through the probate process. This process can take months as it travels through probate court and distribution is made to your beneficiaries. An estate planning lawyer may be able to help avoid this scenario on behalf of you and your beneficiaries.

Insuring Yourself Against Harm

The total value of your estate can be affected due to medical bills and other costs. An estate planning attorney can help you take advantage of options such as long-term care insurance that may help you protect your estate. As well, within an estate plan, you can designate a person or persons to care for your children or handle your assets in the event of your death.

Estate planning can help you in your beneficiaries save a significant amount of money over the long run.

You can count on our team at Lindsay & Lindsay Attorneys at Law, to help you with your estate planning needs. To request a free consultation, call us today at 360.876.7601, complete, send us an email at, or complete our contact form.

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