When To Hire A Family Lawyer In Bainbridge Island

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October 29, 2018
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When To Hire A Family Lawyer In Bainbridge Island

The term family law covers much more than divorce, although divorce is certainly a large part of the work of these attorneys on Bainbridge Island as well as across the country.

Ideally, consulting with a family lawyer as early as possible in any type of legal situation is always the best advice. Booking a consultation and speaking with a family lawyer before taking any type of action ensures you have the correct information and fully understanding all options specific to the unique situations.

When You Have Legal Questions

Unfortunately, many people today turn to online blogs, advice websites and forums to find answers to legal questions. Much of this information is outdated or simply inaccurate, and it may not be relevant to the family code used by Bainbridge Island courts.

Differences in laws between states online increases confusion and results in misinformed choices. Always talk to a specialized family attorney and avoid taking advice from online sites.

To Address Paternity Issues

In cases where the parentage of a child is in question, working with a family lawyer can verify paternity, correcting mistakes in identifying a presumed father and setting up parenting plans, child support and schedules for visitation.

If You Are Considering a Divorce, Adoption or Guardianship

Couples planning a divorce, considering adoption or needing a guardianship for a child, senior or disabled person need to work closely with a family lawyer. By having an attorney involved early in these processes, there is less delay and a smoother, less stressful process for all involved.

When You Need A Change In Child Custody Post-Divorce

For individuals post-divorce requiring a modification to the child custody payments, seeking support in the collection of back child support or requiring modifications to the current court orders, family law attorneys are essential.

Look for legal firms offering personalized, tailored services to meet your needs. Start by considering experience and areas of practice to find the ideal legal professional for your case.

At Lindsay & Lindsay Attorneys at Law, we provide family law services to the Bainbridge Island. To talk to a qualified family lawyer, drop by the website at www.lindsayolsenlaw.com.

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