Support For Domestic Violence In Bremerton, WA

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Support For Domestic Violence In Bremerton, WA

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), there are almost 20 people per minute harmed by an intimate partner in the United States. One in three women and one in four men have been physically abused by a partner in their lifetime, and approximately 15% of all violent crimes are classified as intimate partner violence.

In Bremerton, WA, men, and women have options in dealing with domestic violence during a relationship or during a separation or divorce. Our family lawyers at Lindsay & Lindsay Attorneys at Law can help anyone fearful for their safety with restraining orders.

Immediate Help

In the event of a threat or an attempt of physical harm by a partner or a spouse, immediately contact 911. This is also true if there is a threat to children or if there is any type of violence or threat of violence towards the children or another family member.

Always contact the police before calling our family lawyers. Your safety is the most important factor, and this is also true once the order is in place.

Restraining Orders

The Order for Protection can be different based on the specific issues of your case. The family lawyers at Lindsay & Lindsay Attorneys at Law take the time to listen to your concerns and to ask questions to get a clear understanding of the danger and the specifics of the situation.

It is possible to get an immediate restraining order, also known as an Ex Parte order, which is then served to the individual and a hearing set later. There is also the possibility for Immediate Restraining Order, which is also Ex Parte (without the other party present) and this includes a hearing notice.

Temporary Family Law Orders and a Restraining Order are also potential options we can discuss for individuals in Bremerton, WA. For a free consultation, come in and talk to our compassionate attorneys to start the process. Give us a call at 360.876.7601, and we can schedule a convenient consultation.

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