Having A Divorce Lawyer Can Decrease Conflict In Separation And Divorce

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November 20, 2018
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Having A Divorce Lawyer Can Decrease Conflict In Separation And Divorce

Despite what many people assume about divorce, most couples in Bremerton, WA, have some challenges, but typically there is limited conflict during the separation and divorce process. Often couples recognize the need to work together in the best interests of their children in this difficult time.

For other couples, conflict may not be just a product of the separation and pending divorce, but a pattern of interaction throughout the relationship. In some cases, there may be concerns about domestic violence, and the need for restraining orders and protection for the children as well as the other adult involved.

Divorce lawyers provide assistance with all types of divorcing couples to help to minimize the conflict during this emotionally charged time. At Lindsay & Lindsay Attorneys at Law, our experience in working with divorcing couples with and without children allows us to anticipate potential areas of challenge throughout the divorce process and work closely with clients to minimize these issues.

Collaborative Law or Litigation

The divorce lawyers at Lindsay & Lindsay Attorneys at Law are trained in both traditional types of litigated divorce as well as the collaborative divorce approach. The traditional approach is more adversarial in nature, but it can be very effective in eliminating any conflict between the couple. The collaborative approach encourages the lawyers for both spouses, as well as the spouses themselves, to work together to create a mutually agreeable divorce settlement.

This can include direct discussions, the use of mediation, and the use of various professionals to help fully understand taxes, financial issues and how to most effectively plan for the future for both of the spouses and in the best interests of the kids.

If you have questions for our divorce lawyers, including if traditional or collaborative law approaches are the best for your specific situation, contact us in Bremerton, WA, at 360.876.7601.

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