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Lindsay & Lindsay Attorneys at Law, has two decades worth of legal knowledge and experience in family law. As divorce attorney, we know the difficulties facing you and your family in times of separation and transition.

Although our primary practice is in Kitsap County, our firm handles family law actions in Belfair, Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, Silverdale & Poulsbo WA and surrounding areas of Washington. With the help of our knowledgeable staff, you will always be well informed and know that we are here to answer your various questions and issues as they arise.

The Traditional Litigation Approach

Every case is different, and the legal action taken will depend upon the facts of your case. Some cases require immediate action in the form of a restraining order for either personal safety or financial concerns. Other cases require temporary orders which may address issues varying from spousal maintenance provisions, to temporary parenting plans and orders of child support, to the payment of attorney fees and the temporary allocation and use of personal or real property while the case is pending.

The Collaborative Law Approach

Collaborative Law is another option for resolution of a dissolution matter in the State of Washington. Under the Collaborative Law approach, the attorneys representing each client are specially trained in the collaborative model which emphasizes a mediation approach rather than an approach which goes through the court system. The primary difference between the Collaborative model and traditional litigation is the Collaborative model strives to resolve the issues facing families in transition by allowing the parties to work together as a team in forging an outcome that they agree upon and control, rather than going to court, being in conflict with one another, and allowing a third party (a judge) to make the decisions regarding the party’s children and property.

Under the collaborative model, openness, honesty, respect, and communication are paramount, in the hopes that once the case is resolved, the parties will continue to have open communication as they continue to move forward in their lives.

Your divorce lawyer can discuss which option may be right for you and your matter.

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